Miller's Partners in Massage
Partnering for Optimum Body Health

Partners Membership Program

Experience the Privileges of Partners Membership

Each person we serve is an honored client. Many of our clients choose Miller’s Partners in Massage Membership.

Our Partner Members are committed to regular massages as an essential part of their well-being and healthy lifestyle.

We eat well to feel better, we work out to energize the body, and we get massages to restore the body and revive the mind.

Choosing Membership means you can look forward to monthly massages at a discounted rate…which means you are more likely to take that time for yourself.

Become a Partner Member and enjoy substantial savings PLUS FREE aromatherapy and experience massage enhancing add-ons every time you visit. The more massages you get each month, the more you save.

Our Family Partner Membership extends the savings and value to those you love and charish  by discounting their membership when you include them on your plan.

Add-ons include:
Hot Stone Therapy
 Foot Scrub 
 Face Massage

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.