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Feb. 5, 2012

Dear Prospective Client:

 I came to my first Massage Therapy session with chronic pain that was making sleeping marginally possible at best with medication and heating pad. That of course made my days and whole outlook and demeanor not so sunny.

 I was skeptical about what Massage Therapy could actually do for me. But with a friend’s encouragement I gave it a try. Up to that point I had believed Massage to be a fluffy, nicety for those with money to throw around and a psychological feel good from being pampered. I did not realize the value it had as an alternative or supplemental health modality. Sometimes it is good to be proven wrong and improve your quality of life with that knowledge.

 In addition, I believed my unique physical needs of being wheel chair bound would not be easily dealt with in a massage situation. Again, I was wrong. MaryLouise has numerous past experiences with persons with differing abilities/disabilities and has no problem making sure that the client feels secure and comfortable at all times. She seems to relish trying something new! Mary Louise’s thirst for knowledge in this field is evident by her continuing to educate herself in different specific modalities.

 MaryLouise is a perfect match for what I need. Her experience in conjunction with what I believe to be a God given talent makes her a gifted massage therapist. MaryLouise makes me feel that nothing is too much trouble and makes that timeframe all about me. She is flexible and creative in her approach.

 Passive motion, orthopedic massage and stretching is a very important part of the regimen she uses with me. I believe this has been key to my pain reduction!

 After my very first massage with MaryLouise, I was a believer. I wanted to tell everyone – got an ache, pain or stress? Try massage therapy!

 After my fifth massage session I was able to quit taking all three of the prescription meds I had been taking for pain relief and sleep. While I am not 100% pain free every night at this point, it is tremendously better.

 This vast improvement in being able to sleep and relief from pain, also reduces stress and anxiety. All of this in turn improves my quality of life during each and every day!

 Massage therapy was definitely the answer for me! MaryLouise is my therapist of choice. When you have found the best you stick with it!





"Like most people, when I feel sick I start to make plans to see my doctor, prepare myself for medication expenses, and hope I've found the right combination to become healthy again and return to my daily life. However, like most people have also discovered, not every trip to the doctor is a success.

A few years ago I was in a hit and run car accident. While sitting in the emergency room, I kept thinking no big deal; I didn't really hurt all that bad. The emergency room doctor came in and said that thankfully I was "young" "healing up would be no big deal." I was prescribed several sessions of physical therapy and prescription pain medicine. Several months after the physical therapy and medication I felt completely back to normal. For several years I lived pain free. After the birth of my first child I noticed my lower back pain began flaring up. For awhile I thought my body had just been through a drastic change and things would go back to normal. For the next two years I lived with chronic lower back pain.

A few months ago I decided to see a doctor when the lower back pain became so debilitating that I was unable to work, sleep, or take care of my son. I described my symptoms to my doctor and was told that I could potentially have a herniated disc, sometimes this can be so serious it may require surgical correction. My doctor advised me to take a few weeks off work, begin physical therapy sessions and medication. For anyone who has a life, this is near impossible. Physical therapy and medication are hard to afford when you’re unable to work.

 Very apprehensive about my next step I began talking with James Miller, a friend and massage therapist. He suggested that one massage session could, if nothing else help keep me comfortable while utilizing all my options. I was skeptical simply because I had no idea what massage therapy could truly do for my life. I scheduled a session with Miller’s Partner in Massage and thought to myself "even if this doesn't help my back, at least it will be a nice stress reliever." After my first hour massage, I was amazed at the results. It was unbelievable how relaxed and soothed not just my lower back, but entire body felt. I instantly felt like I could stand taller and take a deep breath with ease. The massage did help with my stress level, something I had never thought would have such a deep effect on my body, but also my lower back. I instantly did not feel such a "tight" sensation in my lower back. I could bend over and touch the ground without radiating pain to my toes. James and I developed a plan using massage therapy and simple exercises at home.

 A few weeks later I returned to my doctor for a follow up visit. He evaluated me and realized that I no longer described my debilitating symptoms. I told him that I had been seeing a massage therapist once a week and after only two sessions I no longer needed my pain medication. My doctor was very pleased with my recovery and even mentioned that some insurance companies will cover massage therapy with the understanding it's used like physical therapy.

 The educational and professional services I received from Miller’s Partner in Massage were such a blessing! I now live pain free with the understanding of how to take care of my lower back pain. My 2 year old little boy enjoys having his mom back!!"

 Kaiden Eory  


August 2012

Dear James:

I would love for you to share this letter of THANKS and testimonial of our success with all who you may encounter.

I want to offer my sincere gratitude and thanks for your help and support in making my severe hip arthritis bearable and increasing my quality of life. 

After almost 3 years of constant pain, various medications, misdiagnosis, weekly chiropractor visits, and complete misery, I am 44 years old and was told nothing but a hip replacement would resolve my issues.   I went to James of Miller’s Partners in Massage for a routine “massage”.  Our encounter was a divine blessing in disguise.  After explaining to James what I was going through, we began a 6 week routine of weekly massage therapy on my hips, back and legs.  I immediately began to see relief in my walk, lost my limp and could feel a difference in my quality of life.  James helped me work out the bricks in my muscles and went from atrophy in my right leg to 40-50% movement.  I went from a severe limp to only occasional pain after over use.  We continue to work together with continual improvement.  Whenever it hurts, I immediately call James for an appointment!

His professional approach and caring demeanor make him a pleasure to work with.  I will continue to have James as a part of my arthritis therapy and if and when that hip replacement happens,  I welcome James as a part of my therapy and recovery.

James is a true massage professional and his healing approach is one I would recommend to everyone, no matter what your issue.  Even if all you need is a regular “anti stress massage”, James is the man for the job.

My sincerest gratitude for your continued support and I count you as a blessing in my life!