Miller's Partners in Massage
Partnering for Optimum Body Health

Benefits of Membership

Benefites of a Partners Membership

  To some massage is considered self-indulgent. Medical research begs to differ. Studies prove a dedicated massage program can help relieve pain, boost immunity, fight off disease and depression, increase alertness, improve sleep quality and even reduce the effects of PMS. It’s no wonder the health-conscious consider massage to be a vital and necessary part of a holistic wellness program. Indulgent? To those with a commitment to their health, it’s invaluable.

  Miller’s Partners in Massage offers a distinguished Partner Membership program that allows our Partners to take advantage of the rejuvenating benefits of a therapeutic massage more frequently. The monthly Partner Membership fee is only $70.00 per month and includes one 1-Hour ultimate rejuvenating therapeutic massage with complimentary aromatherapy each month with a licensed, professional therapist. Each additional 1-Hour massage that month is ONLY $70.00, which is a 30% savings. You can schedule as many sessions as you like and pay the discounted Member rate each time. In addition, we also offer 90 minute, 2-Hour, and couples massage for the ultimate therapeutic and healing experience.

Remember  Investing in massage is an investment in your health.